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The theory of commerce advanced here captures prominent features of retail trade: large employment, congestion effects, anonymous posted prices, and quantity discounts. This theory is built around a directed search model where buyers’ preferences are private information. The analytical solution is easily inserted in a Neoclassical growth framework. In this framework, the parameters of retail trade are calibrated using commercial margins and employment. Welfare properties depend on the sellers’ ability to charge two-tier prices. With two-tier prices, the directed search equilibrium is efficient. Otherwise, it is not. This contrasts with the full information benchmark, where directed search is always efficient.!


Commerce Department PG Faculties

Sr.No. Name of Teacher Name of Department Designations Email Address
1 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Jain Commerce Associate Prof. mkj.1962@gmail.com
2 Dr. Bhisham Kapoor Commerce Associate Prof. & Head of Department bhishamkapoor@gmail.com
3 Dr. Durvendra Kumar Commerce Associate Prof. drgautamdk@gmail.com
4 Dr. Monika Sharma Commerce Associate Prof. dr.monika.gzb@gmail.com
5 Dr. Shwetabh Mittal Commerce Associate Prof. shwetabhm11@gmail.com
6 Dr. Manmeet Kumar Siras Commerce Associate Prof. mksiras1974@gmail.com
7 Sh. Abhishek Kumar Singh Commerce Asstt. Prof.. abhiseck.singh@gmail.com
8 Sh. Inamur Rahaman Commerce Asstt. Prof.. inam.mmh@gmail.com
9 Dr. Shalini Singh Commerce Asstt. Prof.. singh.shalini525@gmail.com
10 Sh. Madan Lal Commerce Asstt. Prof.. gautammadan15@gmail.com
11 Ms. Harsitha Ojha Commerce Asstt. Prof..
11 Sh. Dharm Singh Commerce Asstt. Prof..